Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Potential Challenges at Ingredient 7

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(Consolidating Performance Improvements)

(NB Challenges are not necessarily in order of importance and includes some suggestions on how to handle the challenges)

i) Changing The Organisational Culture As The First Step

ii) Ten Cultural Commandments

iii) Behaviour Of Senior Management

iv) Board's Current Role

v) Founder's Dilemma

vi) Inadequate Succession Planning

vii) Clever People

viii) Importance Of Empathy, Jealousy, Envy, Etc

ix) Why People Leave A Job & Apply For A New Job

x) Challenging Minds

xi) Competency & Skills Required At Different Management Levels

xii) Importance Of Former Employees

xiii) Five Minds

xiv) Don't Blame Circumstances

xv) Demographic Changes

xvi) Linkage Between Good Corporate Behaviours & Final Results

xv) Four Habits To Learn From Experience

xvi) Few CEOs Have HR Background

xvii) Fraud

xviii) Change Challenges Culture

xix) Impact Of Social Media Has Changed Power Balance


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