Organisational Change Management Volume 2

What Ingredient 7 Looks Like in an Effective and Major Change Effort, ie Consolidating the Change

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. Continuous change ‐ the guiding coalition uses the credibility afforded by short-term wins to tackle additional and bigger change projects

. More help ‐ additional people are brought in to help with all the changes

. Leadership ‐ senior management personnel focus on maintaining clarity of purpose for the overall effort and on keeping urgency levels up

. Management and leadership from below ‐ staff provide leadership and manage specific projects involved in the change

. Reduction of unnecessary interdependence ‐ to help the change process, staff identify unnecessary interdependencies and eliminate them

. New organisational culture ‐ change philosophy is embedded in the organisation's culture, including norms of behaviour and shared values. This is the last ingredient after new approaches have demonstrated their benefits. Part of this philosophy involves a relentless but accepted discomfort with the status quo, ie How can we do this cheaper/better/faster? Is there a different way to do this?

(source: John Kotter, 1996 b)

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