Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Ways to Embed Change

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. Change symbols to support the change, eg Telstra and Commonwealth Bank logos

. Recognition and reinforcement from top management who thank and reward individuals who perform well, eg letter, bonuses, prizes, newsletters, bulletin boards, symbolic statements

. Dangers of complacency to be addressed

. Celebration

. Mentoring

. Continual reinforcement of new values, role models and champions ‐ experience has shown that at least 5 years of constant and consistent attention to changing values are usually necessary if a new set of values is to take root, eg

- British Airways expected that it would take a generation to effectively change from a public to a commercially-orientated organisation;

- Telstra began preparing for deregulation in 1985

. Conscious effort to remind that the new way improves performance, ie helping employees see the right connections via meetings, newsletters etc.

. Board needs to be an integral part of the change, especially in selection of senior management

. It involves consistently rewarding people for the new ways and not the old ways. Rewards include non-financial ones like time and attention, perks and privileges, praise and awards. The change will not last if management preaches

- teamwork but rewards individual contribution

- customer service but rewards adherence to rules

- risk-taking but rewards an absence of errors

- feedback but rewards on no criticism

- entrepreneurship but rewards only narrow job perspectives

- decentralised and/or delegation of authority but congratulates "hands-on" management

. Change needs to be built at all levels, and be a continuous process


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