Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Some Tips for Generating Short-term Wins

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The tips are

. Make "plan, budget, monitor"your mantra ‐ break complex tasks down into components, then tackle the simpler components first, making sure you have methodically answered the necessary budgeting, organising and staffing questions. Carefully measure and record the improvements as they occur. They are harder to document if you wait until the end of the project.

. Preach results ‐ concentrate on the systems, structures, processes, activities and attitudes, ie pragmatic approach to change is not the way to go. Instead, focus ruthlessly on solving the concrete business problems embedded in the project you have identified.

. Maintain employees' disciplined attention: the future is now ‐ stick to the tasks at hand. Use a sense of urgency as a technique for regulating the workplace equilibrium. However, it should be noted that a certain degree of urgency is galvanizing, but too much is debilitating.

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