Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Potential Challenges at Ingredient 5

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(maximising connectedness)

(NB Challenges are not necessarily in order of importance and includes some suggestions on how to handle the challenges)

i) Hierarchy

ii) Empowerment

iii) Structure & Connectedness

iv) Management & Staff

v) Obstacles Are Present

vi) Mental Models

vii) Cultural Flexibility

viii) Reflective Openness

ix) Teams

x) Group Think

xi) Importance Of Power

xii) Team's Interest First

xiii) Attribution Theory

xiv) Centralised Decision-Making

xv) Self-Efficacy

xvi) Confusing Arrogance & Self-Confidence

xvii) Manage Heavy & Manage Light

xviii) Staff & Customer Engagement

xix) Effective Teams

xx) Importance Of Trust

xxi) Work Life Balance

xxii) Brain As A Muscle

xxiii) Emotion and intuition

xxiv) Empowerment

xxv) Power (sharing)

xxvi) Innovation

xxvii) Bouncing back from failure

xxviii) Performance Management

xxix) Staff Turnover

xxx) Design Organisational Structure

xxxi) Performance Management (Negative Impacts)

xxxii) Engagement & Productivity

xxxiii) Informal Brainstorming, Innovation, Etc

xxxiv) Best Connection Or Click With Others

xxxv) Mistakes & Failures Are Learning Experiences

xxxvi) Loyalty & Connectiveness

xxxvii) Regression to the Mean


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