Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Questions that will Need to be Answered to Overcome the Differing Views of Change

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A 3-pronged approach for managers to constructively respond to an employee's change anxieties.

To help employees through the change process you, as manager, need to be able to answer the following likely questions:

1 Formal

. What am I supposed to do for the organisation?

. What help will I get to do the job?

. How and when will my performance be evaluated?

. What form will the feedback take?

. What will I be paid, and how will pay relate to my performance-evaluation?

2 Personal

. How hard will I really have to work?

. What recognition, financial reward, or personal satisfaction will I get for my efforts?

. Are the rewards worth it?

3 Social

. Are my values similar to those of others in the organisation?

. What are the real rules that determine who does what in the company?

(source: T.J. Larkin, 1994)

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