Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Some Issues with Empowerment and Teams for Functional Managers and Team Members

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Functional Manager

. These managers are accustomed to managing budgets, allocating resources and being actively involved in decision-making. As a result, they will find it hard to let go and empower others

. Questions that they will want answered:

- What happens to me now?

- Is there a job for me?

- Is this job the one I want?

- How do I prove my value in this new situation?

Team Members

. Questions that they will want answered:

- If we take all the risk, what are the rewards?

- What happens when the project is over?

- What is my career path?

. Need to redesign systems for evaluation, compensation and incentives so that they are linked to team performance

. There are differing views of change: top level management sees change as a way to strengthen their business and careers, while middle management and below can view change as unwelcome

. One of the best ways to handle the resistance of middle management is to use honest dialogue. This includes explaining what state the organisation is in, and the advantages of empowerment, ie more time to do other things, like leisure. And if middle management joins the empowerment trend, and it results in improved performance, then they will look good

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