vi) Processes Behind Key Business Decisions


According to Jim Collins, author of the successful business books entitled "Built to Last"and "Good to Great", the necessary context for key decision-making involves these elements:

. Key decisions are about people decisions, ie not about "what" but about "who"

. Having the right people around you, especially in uncertain times

. Being prepared to say "I don't know" as the starting point

. Encouraging disagreement and debate that is real and significant, ie conflict occurs

. It is not about consensus

. It has an internal focus and then looks outside

. It revolves around answering 3 questions, ie

- What is really driving us internally?

- What is the truth about the outside world (how does it operate and how is it changing)?

- What can our organisation distinctly contribute better than anyone else?

. Usually there is a whole bunch of accumulated decisions rather than one big one

. People being accountable

. You are in control of your own destiny

(source: Jim Collins, 2005)


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