xxv) Team Members' Resistance


Resistance from managers may stem from fears related to

. Loss of power and authority ‐ hence a total loss of control

. Giving up specialised knowledge to others

. Their future place in the organisation

. Losing some or all of their income

. Having to learn new skills to coach rather than manage

. Moving out of their comfort zones

. Loss of status and social standing

. A drop in the organisation's performance

. Not receiving the right support from above

. Self-managed work teams being a temporary fad

. General apathy about everything except their own positions

. A lack of faith in the ability of workers

Team Members' Resistance ‐ they have fears which include

. Moving out of their comfort zone

. Managers not being trustworthy

. Personal lack of skills to handle change

. Loss of job

. Loss of security

. Loss of income

. Having to learn the new skills

. Pressure to deliver a performance

. Impact on family and social life

. Management not changing

. A lack of openness and transparency

. Finding a team to fit into

. Ego problems

. Further lack of trust in employees

. Fear of appraisal by fellow workers

. A long and tedious change process

. Resistance from older workers

. Dead-end career paths

. A lack of direction

. Little support training

. Failure to see future benefits

. A loss of bargaining power

. Union movement resistance

. Vetoing of team decisions

. Confusion of work roles

. Higher workloads

. Bad attitudes

. Additional costs

. Drops in safety standards at workplace

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