xxiii) Essential Conditions For Team-based Top Management


. If the following conditions prevail, then teams for top management are essential

- the organisation is too complex for any one person to be able to know and handle all the variables

- the interdependencies of team members means good communications and connectivity are essential to overall organisational success

- shared commitment to all goals by all members of top management is essential for the organisation to meet its many requirements

- there are no obvious answers clearly known by one person. The team's collective knowledge and wisdom are needed to ensure success

. The essential conditions for making a senior management team effective are

- deciding if you need a team (see above)

- creating a compelling purpose for the team

- selecting the right people for the team (this includes removing the unsuitable ones). "Right people" refers to people who will add value and have the right attitude, ie can work collaboratively, have an enterprise perspective and contribute constructively

- providing the right structure, supports and resources

- coaching the team

. On the other hand, some of the challenges include

- the size of the team

- putting all direct reports in a senior management team

- not defining adequately what the purpose of the team is

(sources: Harold Resnick, 2006; Catherine Fox, 2008b)


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