Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Need to Remove Obstacles to the Shared Purpose

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. The more stakeholders involved, the better the outcome

. Senior management and the guiding coalition need to remove any obstacles such as

- individuals who are blocking the change (some will pay lip-service to the change). If any staff members need to be removed, try to make sure that they can leave with dignity. Remember:

"...we didn't fire the people. We fired the positions, and the people had to go..."

Jack Welch as quoted by Jack Welch et al, 2001

Furthermore, if you do not remove those staff who are obvious obstacles, the message you are sending to other staff is that being an obstacle is acceptable!!!!!!!

- job categories

- organisational structure elements

- inappropriate reward and/or performance systems

. Need to understand what activates people. A useful technique is the following typology:

- thinking types are activated by an idea

- intuitive types are activated by a purpose

- sensate types need a plan

- feeling types need everyone to have a part in the undertaking

(source: Gordon Lawerence, 1998)


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