Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Staff Motivation

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The drivers for staff motivation are divided into 3 areas, ie attracting staff, retaining staff and engaging staff

i) Attracting staff

. Competitive pay base

. Convenient work location

. Opportunities to learn new skills

. Challenging work

. Career advancement opportunities

. Flexible schedule

. Reasonable workload

. Holiday/paid time off

. Reputation of the organisation as a great place to work

. Calibre co-workers

ii) Retaining staff

. Excellent career opportunities

. Organisation's reputation as a great place to work

. Feelings about immediate manager

. Received adequate training for the job

. Organisation's reputation for social responsibility

iii) Engaging staff

. Organisation's reputation as a great place to work

. Senior management acts to ensure organisation's long-term success

. Quality of work/product/service

. Excellent career advancement opportunities

. Appropriate amount of authority to do the job well

. Organisation's reputation for social responsibility

. Management encourages and empowers people to take initiatives in their work

. Environment in which high goals encourage staff to accomplish things professionally

. Impact on customer satisfaction

. Senior management is sincerely interested in employees' well-being

(source: Fiona Smith, 2008k)

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