Motivation and Associated Issues


. People have different needs

People are motivated by a number of different needs, at work and in their personal life. Based on work by Maslow, 5 needs have been identified and these should be tackled in the following order (the first need is a prerequisite of the second, etc), ie

i) physiological needs (warmth, shelter, food and sex, ie a human being has "animal" needs);

ii) safety needs ( a sense of security and an absence of fear);

iii) social needs (interaction with other people and having friends);

iv) esteem needs (being well regarded by other people and appreciated);

v) self-actualisation (realising individual potential, winning and achieving);

Remember: in the workplace, individuals do not need just money and awards; they also want respect and recognition. Furthermore, money is seen as a short-term motivator and not a sustainable motivator, ie if offered extra money, the staff member is motivated until he/she gets used to the amount and is thereafter driven by other factors.

Based on USA research (Fiona Smith, 2006a) what motivated high-performing people showed money as 9th; the top 4 were maintaining a positive reputation, being appreciated, believing that work is important and having an assignment. The sort of people motivated by money will not stay; they will go to the next highest bidder. Furthermore, people are attracted by remuneration to an organisation but other reasons will keep them there.

Motivated staff want to do something they are passionate about, something fulfilling, which involves personal growth, and work with a group of people who share their passion; they want to be challenged and have their contribution recognised fairly (for more background, on aspects of motivation and persuasion, visit Framework 93 - REDUCE)


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