Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Potential Challenges at Ingredient 3

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(forming a transitional team)

(NB Challenges are not necessarily in order of importance and includes some suggestions on how to handle the challenges)

. Succumbing to the myth that a "heroic CEO creates change". Remember that leadership is a non-hierarchical concept, ie it can be found at any level in an organisation. Furthermore, one person cannot transform an organisation. It requires a group of dedicated staff to be the basis for change.

. Not understanding leadership - according to Rob Goffee (2008), in order to develop leadership people need early, rich, different experiences, ie learning leadership through experience. There is no pattern for leadership; it depends upon contexts, relationships and situations.

"...What works in one era, setting or organisation simply doesn't apply to any other..."

Barbara Kellerman, 2002

i) Leadership

ii) More on Power

iii) Power V Influence

iv) Leading Change

v) Structural Power

vi) Situational Leadership

vii) Effective Change Leadership

viii) Leaders V Managers

ix) Kindness, Happiness & Height

x) Wrong Attitudes

xi) Movers & Shakers

xii) Cultural Creators & Re-Enforcers

xiii) Leaders Need Followers

xiv) Guiding Coalition

xv) First Born

xvi) A & B Players

xv) General (Teamwork)

xvi) Anarchy Or Chaos

xvii) Management And Immediate Supervisor

xviii) Us And Them Attitude

xix) Stories

xx) Group Think & Conformity


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