Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Common Characteristics of Real Change Leaders (RCLs)

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(who are not necessarily at the top levels of an organisation)

. Commitment to a better way

. Collaborate with other staff members

. Loyal to colleagues

. Avoid office politics

. Courage to challenge existing power bases and norms

. Personal initiative to go beyond defined boundaries

. Motivation of themselves and others

. Care about how people are treated and able to perform

. Stay less-than-visible while giving the limelight or centre stage to others (includes allowing others to receive credit for ideas and performance)

. Sense of humour about themselves and their situation

. Do not use buzzwords

. Focus on emotions and feelings as well as facts and analysis

. Willing to violate well-established rules, even if this means putting their careers at considerable risk

(source: Jon Katzenbach et al, 1997)

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