Organisational Change Management Volume 2

What Senior Management Needs to Understand

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. They must be adding value

. A shared, sapiential leadership style, rather than presidential style, is preferable

. Engaging with your stakeholders such as staff, customers, investors, etc is vital

. Maximise your time with people issues and communications

. Be masters of delegation and be extremely well organized

. Understand "cognitive complexity"

"...It's holding in your mind two or more opposing ideas, handling the paradox of uncertainty and insecurity to understand and distil the essence of those issues..."

Peter Collins as quoted by Catherine Fox, 2003

An example is managing the tension between long term-growth and short-term performance

"...The role of the CEO is an interpersonal one, rather than just that of managing the budget..."

Peter Collins as quoted by Catherine Fox, 2003

Top leaders realise that they as individuals are not important. They need to focus on what they are good at, but not their ego!!!

(source: Catherine Fox, 2003)


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