Organisational Change Management Volume 2

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. One of the tasks of the leader is to make sure that the organisation

- knows itself

- can learn from its experience

- look into the future

- in a constant state of self-examination

- know all the time that the staff have to be learning.

This kind of leadership shows a deep trust in the people of the organisation.

Good, healthy organisations are capable of creating plans, ideas and visions for themselves. Self-organising systems do for themselves most of what leaders thought they had to do for them. Effective leaders are able to create and sustain an environment for those efforts.

A leader's task is to ensure that all sorts of processes are at work.

How does he/she get more and more of the organisation engaged in thinking things through?

A leader must support many different processes around the following principles

. In anything I do, how do I expand who gets included?

. I am never narrowing down, or closing people off.

Organisations which have a clear understanding of themselves and have a real sense of identity have enormous expansionary range. It is a powerful source of adaptability and organisational awareness.

Leaders need to ask:

. What was this organisation?

. What are we now?

. Are we really the organisation that we thought we were?

NB There is a good correlation (0.30) between success of an organisation & the quality of its senior management

(sources: HBR, 1998 a, b & c; Daniel Kahneman 2012)

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