Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Nine Key Characteristics of an Effective Transitional Team

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1. Position Power

Are enough key players in the team, especially key line managers, so that those who are left out cannot easily block progress?

2. Expertise

Are the various points of view (expertise, work experience, gender, nationality, etc), that are relevant to the task at hand, adequately represented so that informed and intelligent decisions will be made?

3. Credibility

Does the team have enough people with good reputations in the firm so that its pronouncements will be taken seriously by other staff?

4. Leadership

Does the team include enough proven leaders to be able to drive the change process?

5. Diversity

Is there a range of team members' backgrounds to stop "group think"?

6. Teamwork

Do the team members trust each other and have a common goal?

7. Top support

Does the most senior officer in the organisation support the team?

8. Relevance awareness

Does the team understand, and have ownership of, the change process and its link to the proposed outcomes?

9. Understanding that not all will be pleasant or indicate progress

Does the team acknowledge that innovation may mean some mistakes could occur?

(sources: John Kotter, 1996 b; Peter Senge et al, 1999)

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