Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Potential Challenges at Ingredient 2

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(establishing a sense of urgency)

(NB Challenges are not necessarily in order of importance and includes some suggestions on how to handle the challenges)

i) Zone Of Comfort

ii) Threat To Core Activity/Asset

iii) Complacency

iv) Too Many Managers

v) Culture As Defence Mechanism

vi) Need To Re-Define Your Business

vii) Procrastination

viii) Neuroscience (Insight, Threats, Etc)

ix) S-Curve

x) Aligning Information Systems, Etc

xi) Threat & Violence

xii) Sense Of Urgency (Comes From Nowhere)

xiii) Negative attitude to business

xiv) Business has an image problem

xv) Crisis Management

xvi) Without a sense of urgency, changes takes time


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