Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Potential Challenges at Ingredient 1

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(Ingredient 1 ‐ when laying a foundation of new ways)

(NB Challenges are not necessarily in order of importance and includes some suggestions on how to handle the challenges)

i) Power Of Organisational Culture

ii) Five Main Functions

iii) Be Careful Using Surveys & Questionniares

iv) Certain Level Of Predictability

v) Different Stakeholders Have Different Mindsets

vi) Not Creating An Environment Where It Is Safe To Challenge

vii) Change Is Like Planting A Seed

viii) Too Much Focus On Analytical Approach

ix) More Thoughts On Our Thinking

x) Old Ways Are Out

xi) Concentrate On Your Strengths Rather Than Weaknesses

xi) Not Enough Listening

xii) Not Enough Reflection

xiii) Diversity for Innovation and Growth

xiv) Gender Differences

xv) Generation Differences

xvi) Confirmation Bias

xvii) Feelings & Emotions

xviii) Under-Estimating Importance Of Symbols

xix) Staff May Feel

xx) Too Much Selling Of The Solution

xxi) Too Much Concentration On The Present And Past

xxii) Create A Safe Environment

xxiii) Lack Of Trust

xxiv) Technologies Impact

xxv) 3 Logic Traps

xxvi) Learners

xxvii) Office Politics

xxviii) Story-Telling

xxix) Bias

xxx) Presenteeism

xxxi) Avoid Conflict

xxxii) Lying

xxxiii) Paradigm

xxxiv) Types Of Intelligence

xxxv) Technical V Interpersonal Skills

xxxvi) Workplace Conflict Ladder

xxxvii) Bad Behaviours

xxxviii) Impact Of Poor Culture

xxxix) Encourage Diversity

xxxx) Faking

xxxxi) Small Talk

xxxxii) False Respect

xxxxiii) Depression

xxxxiv) Human Biorhythms

xxxxv) Humour

xxxxvi) Office Politics

xxxxvii) Gossiping

xxxxviii) Manipulation

xxxxix) Shift-The-Burden

xxxxx) Informal Meetings

xxxxxi) Collaboration

xxxxxii) Informal Learning

xxxxxiii) Relationships

xxxxxiv) Resistance

xxxxxv) Nine Natural Instincts

xxxxxvi) Neuroscience

xxxxxvii) Mindlessness

xxxxxviii) Optimism V Pessimism

xxxxxix) Stress

xxxxxx) Empathy & Sympathy

xxxxxxi) Fear

xxxxxxii) Lighting

xxxxxxiii) Complicated To Complex

xxxxxxiv) Skills (Soft & Hard)

xxxxxxv) Ten Most Valued Job Skills

xxxxxxvi) Traits Of Successful People

xxxxxxvii) Stereotyping

xxxxxxviii) Social Media

xxxxxxix) Inverted U

xxxxxxx) Mindset (Fixed V Growth)

xxxxxxxii) Imposter Syndrome

xxxxxxxii) Work

xxxxxxxiii) Understanding The Past

xxxxxxxiv) Multi-Tasking/Task Switching

xxxxxxxv) Silos


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