Organisational Change Management Volume 1

Framework 45 Eight Steps to Organisational Change

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John Kotter studied why organisational transformations failed. This formed the basis for an 8 steps framework which is summarised below:

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NB Steps 1 (create a sense of urgency) and 2 (pull together the guiding team) set the stage; step 3 (develop the change of vision and strategy) is deciding what to do; step 4 (communicate for understanding and buy in) to reinforce the purpose, step 5 (empower others to act on the vision), step 6 (produce short-term wins) and step 7 (don't let up) make it happen; step 8 (create a new culture) make the change stick.

(sources: John Kotter, 1995, 1996a & 1996b; Tracy Coombes, 2008)

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