Technique 9.4 Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RASCI)


This matrix describes participation of different persons in various roles to complete tasks or deliverables under the acronym of RASCI.

It is a variation of an action plan (see Technique 9.3).


R= responsible (those who are allocated to do the work to complete deliverable(s) or task(s) which can be delegated)

A = accountable (those who are ultimately answerable for the correct and thorough completion of the deliverable(s) or task(s); including that the pre-requisites are met, ie they must sign-off)

S = support (those who help complete the deliverable(s) or task(s))

C = consult (those whose opinions are sought, such as subject-matter experts; this involves a two-way communication)

I = inform (those who are kept up-to-date of progress - including completion of the deliverable(s), task(s), etc; this is usually just one-way communication)

An example of the matrix

The vertical axis (left-hand column) details tasks or deliverables; the horizontal axis (top row) identifies the person and their roles

Tasks/Deliverables Name of person
(position title)
R*i A*i S*i C*i I*i


i) Refers to RASCI (see above)

Variations to RASCI include

- PARIS (participant, accountable, review required, input required & sign-off required)

- PACSI (perform, accountable, control, suggest & inform)

- RASIC (responsible, accountable, support, inform & consult)

- RASI (responsible, accountable, support & inform)

- RACIQ (responsible, accountable, consult, inform & quality review)

- RACI-VS (responsible, accountable, consult, inform, verify & signatory)

- CAIRO (consult, accountable, inform, responsible & outsider)

- DACI (driver, approver, contributors & inform)

- RAPID (recommend, agree, perform, input & decide)

- RATSI (responsible, authority, task, support & inform)

- DRASCI (driver, responsible, accountable, support, consult & inform)

- PDQA (primary, decision, quality & assist)

- DCI (decision maker, consult & inform)

- RASCEIO (responsible, accountable, support, consult, execute, inform & overview)

- RACI (responsible, assists, consults & inform)

- ARCI (accountable, responsible, consult & inform)
(source: Wikipedia, 2021b)

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