Challenges With Approach Of 'Don't Bring Me Problems, Bring Solutions'

This approach is a way of reducing

"...whining, increasing empowerment, helps employees manage up, and boosts careers......avoids a culture of complaining..."
Sabina Nawaz, 2017

However there are potential pitfalls involved, ie

- not every problem has an easy solution especially when complexity is involved

- can create a culture of advocacy rather than enquiry

"...where each person comes into the situation locked into their way of solving the problem and lobbies for a hard solution rather than considering multiple perspectives..."
Sabina Nawaz, 2017

- can cause employees to shut down in fear

- can breed a culture of intimidation

- may prevent early detection of problems which could have been handled quicker and easier

To handle some of these challenges you need to

- create a safe, non-threatening environment where people are free to communicate about potential pitfalls and obstacles

"...create an environment where people feel safe to bring you bad news early, giving you precious lead time to avert a crisis..."
Sabina Nawaz, 2017

- understand the difference between a valid concern and simply complaining

"...complaints are stated in absolutes, such as more 'always' and 'never', rather than in concrete facts. They lack accountability and often have villains (them) and heroes (us). And they often don't look beyond the surface of the issue......

- using problem statements

"...Problem statements, on the other hand, provide objective facts, examine the underlying factors and causes, and reveal everyone's role in creating a problem..."
Sabina Nawaz, 2017

- find the right people to solve the issue, ie need to consider the scope of the problem and people's ability to solve it.

"...identifying problems can be a solo sport, but finding solutions rarely is..."
Frances Frei as quoted by Sabina Nawaz, 2017


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