Emotional Intelligence Grid

Another way of explaining EQ is the emotional intelligence grid

There are 4 key skills that come under 2 competencies

i) personal, ie self-awareness and self-management (these 2 focus on individuals and their interactions with others)

ii) social, ie social awareness and relationship management

A summary in diagram below shows the dimensions and components of EQ


(source: https://positivepsychology.com/emotional-intelligence-tests/)

The 4 quadrants can be labelled 'what I see' and 'what I do'

More detail on each quadrant

"...- self-awareness: this quadrant looks at being aware of emotions as they happen, and being able to perceive the emotions accurately
    - self-management: includes being able display an awareness of emotions in order to remain flexible and direct behaviour positively
    - social awareness: this EQ quadrant is associated with correctly perceiving and understanding emotions in other people
    - relationship management: taps into being able to apply the awareness of the emotions being experienced by yourself and others in order to successfully manage social interaction..."

Travis Bradberry as quoted by Heather Craig, 2021


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