Comments On Emotional Intelligence Tests And Assessments

EQ involves the capacity to understand and manage emotions, ie it

"...consists of a group of skills that are employed in order to solve the emotional problem is developed from a skill base...... therefore, a distinct ability that can be measured objectively..."
Heather Craig, 2021

EQ consists of 4 components

i) self-awareness

ii) self-management

iii) social awareness

iv) relationship management.
(more detail see elsewhere in the Knowledge Base)

There is no such thing as correct answers to these tests and assessments.

Also, EQ levels determine how we react in a variety of situations including handling

- stress

- frustration

- failure

- disappointment

- positions of leadership

- emotional ranges in different generations/ages

- diversity and cultural sensitivities

Four general types of EQ tests

i) abilities-based tests, eg MSCEIT

ii) trait-based tests, eg Bar-On EQi)

iii) competency-based tests, eg ESCI

iv) behaviour-based tests, eg Genos

Some EQ self-assessments (6)

i) Emotional Intelligence Test (2019). Psychology Today. Access here.

ii) Test your E.I: Free EQ quiz (2018). Institute for Health and Human Potential. Access here.

iii) How Emotionally Intelligent are You? Boosting Your People Skills (2019). Mind Tools. Access here.

iv) Emotional Intelligence Test (2019). Psych Tests. Access here.

v) Emotional Intelligence Test Free – EQ Test Free Online (2019). Alpha High IQ Society. Access here.

vi) How Emotionally Intelligent Are You? (2017). My Frameworks. Access here.


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