Some Ways Of Handling Stress


The most common symptom of stress is feeling overwhelmed, ie too much to do, with too little time to do it, etc. Sometimes this is called 'time poverty', ie

"...We simply don't have enough time to fulfil all our promises and responsibilities..."
Josie Thomson, 2021

Examples of being overwhelmed at work can be

- too many assignments to do

- lacking resources, expertise, finance, time, etc to handle

- tight deadlines that are impossible to meet

- staff cutbacks putting more work on current staff

- work overload, etc

Possible solutions

1. Time management (it is about

i) the ability to set priorities, ie do what is important and urgent first

A good question to ask

"...What is the most valuable use of my time right now?..."
Josie Thomson, 2021

Too often you focus on small, unimportant, easier tasks first as they require less effort.

"...self-discipline of organising your work and focusing on your highest-value task is a starting point of getting your time under control, gaining a greater sense of accomplishment and lowering of stress levels..."
Josie Thomson, 2021

This can involve creating visible, detailed, prioritised 'to do lists'; include completion dates, eg deadlines

ii) the ability to concentrate single-mindedly on one thing at a time, ie finish each task first, before proceeding on to another.)
(for more details on time management, see other parts of this Knowledge Base)

2. Exercise (exercise like walking has many benefits, ie

"...Walking fights dementia, boosts your mood, reduces stress and strengthens your concentration......strengthens your heart and can also help you live longer. Sometimes your mind needs a mental break of physical activity and some fresh air..."
Aubree Manuel, 2021)


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