Leadership And You


Leadership is important in change

Your leadership can be divided into 3 core dimensions:

i) yourself

ii) your tribe (like family, workplace, community, etc)

iii) your world (country, region, etc)

Leadership can be described as

"...inspiring, influencing and impactful..."
Stacey Ashley, 2021


You can control your responses. Consider the 3 responses to uncertainty:

i) freeze (resulting in inactivity, no decision-making, etc that usually means you don't survive)

ii) flurry (involves unfocused activity, ie much activity but no direction)

iii) future-focused (a constructive response that involves increasing capability to take advantage of arising opportunities from the uncertain)

Future-focused is the preferred response. However, people can move in and out of 3 different responses.

There are 3 components you need to understand about yourselves as a leader

i) face up, ie understand yourself

ii) show up, ie optimise what you already have

iii) step up, ie learnings for your growth and development

Energy levels are important when leading and you need to understand the main contributors to your energy levels, ie

- food

- sleep

- exercise

  Other contributors to your energy levels are:

- outdoor activities

- hobbies

- social contact

- learning

- music

- reading, etc

NB You should check your current usage of the energy contributors and whether you need to modify them to get better performance, ie maybe you are not getting enough sleep, eating the wrong foods, not taking enough exercise, etc.. You should aim to re-energise youself and do things that make this happen.

You need enough energy so that you have the ability to respond and handle things like 'surge capacity deficit', ie normally your surging is followed by a period of recovery. However, there are times when you are continually surging and have no time for recovery. As a result, certain symptoms appear like increased tiredness, decreased motivation, shorter spans of attention, increased frustration, less able to focus, etc; in other words, your performance decreases.

Linked with energy levels are you:

- connections (we are social animals and like being with other humans; most people have 3 rings of connections, ie

    i) inner (around 5 people like family, long-term friends, etc)

    ii) close friends (around 15 like colleagues, contemporaries, associates, etc; these are very important as they can help you with your performance and you can help them)

    iii) network (around 150 like professional associations, social groups, community groups, etc)

- support structures (people and processes that help with your performance).


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