Some Examples Of Psychometric Tests

- InterDISC (DISC) is a behavioural assessment based on 4 dimensions: dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance


(more detail elsewhere in the Knowledge Base)

- Behaviour job profile (BJP) specifies behavioural requirements of a job function using the 4 dimensions of DIS; provides a job specific behavioural benchmark standard against which candidates can be measured and compared

- Personal value profile (PVP) assesses an individual's value specific to the work context according to 21 pre-defined work values (includes ranking personal values)

- Corporate values profile (CVP) identifies specific values from the job or organisation's perspective; sets the organisational standards of function, job and staff in the organisation


- Trait Emotional Intelligence (TEIQue) integrates emotions, personality traits, and intelligence into 15 separate elements; used to measure emotional competencies in the workplace


- Emotional job profile (EJP) specifies the emotional demands of the job function

- Cognitive job profile (CJP) specifies the cognitive and mental workload requirements of the job function based on the dimensions of the selected cognitive assessment

- Remote working questionnaire (RWQ) highlights personal and environmental factors that are relevant to adapting to work away from the office; looks at the boundaries between working and living environment

- Matrix utilises a combination of assessments to provide a detailed analysis of staff's suitability for a specific position, ie ranks staff into one of 4 quadrants (maintainers, highflyers, restless & question mark)


Summary of above techniques (application and assessment)



(sources: Andrew Schutte, 2021)

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