Technique 1.106 Elements (7) Of Adaptive Culture Assessment


Use these 7 dimensions to determine if your organisation is ready to adopt new digital technologies, embrace new business models, implement new ways of working, etc.


Determine cultural readiness score by

- ticking the appropriate boxes

- multiply the number of ticks by the value of ranking, ie from -5 to 5

- then add all individual scores to get a total

NB if total score is 20 or less, and/or your tick is on the negative side of any of the dimensions, means that you need to work on your culture to increase the chance of successful engagement in transformation.

Dimensions             Ranking            
    -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5  
Customer centricity more product-centric                       more customer-centric
Ecosystem focus more company-focus                       more ecosystem-focused
Analytical orientation more decision-making informed by judgement                       more decision-making or by analytics
Collaborative reflex more hierarchical control & coordination within silos                       more lateral collaboration & teamwork
Bias to action more to risk minimisation                       speed maximisation
Learning mindset more planning & execution                       more experimentation & learning
Leadership value creation more focus on direction & oversight                       more focus on coaching & empowerment
Total (no. of ticks)                          
Score multiply the number of ticks by value of ranking                       (source: MIT Sloan Management Review, 2021)


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