Technique 1.105 Remote Working


At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic (early 2020), organisations encouraged their staff to work remotely.

NB This usually means working from home.

Some issues with remote working
"...- working away from office support structures
    - working away from entities and colleagues
    - having to interact remotely with work colleagues and their families
    - impact on family (schooling, partners' job, etc)
    - fewer offers to engage in activities
    - impact on work-life balance, etc..."

Chris Schutte, 2021

More detail and understanding required by asking questions around:

- personal (goals and growth, initiatives, open to variety, work-life balance priorities, etc)

- family (partner's specific family needs, children's specific needs for family and education, etc)

- contextual (life-work environment, hobbies, outside work interests, social needs, etc)

- job-related (career progression, finances, job compliance, etc)


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