Emotions And Feelings (Cont.3)

Range of Feelings and Emotions (87) (including thoughts that lead to emotions) in different situations that are applicable to change

1. Too much uncertainty (can cause stress, feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, worry, avoidance, dread, fear, vulnerability)

2. Comparing (can cause comparison, admiration, reverence, envy, jealousy, resentment, schadenfreude, freudenfreude)

3. Things don't go as planned (can cause boredom, expectations, disappointment, regret, discouragement, resignation, frustration)

4. It is beyond us (can cause awe, wonder, confusion, interest, curiosity, surprise)

5. Things aren't what they seem (can cause amusement, bittersweetness, nostalgia, cognitive dissonance, paradox, irony, sarcasm)

6. When things are hurting (can cause anguish, hopelessness, despair, sadness, grief)

7. Where to go with others (can cause compassion, pity, empathy, sympathy, boundaries, comparative suffering)

8. When things fall short (can cause shame, self-compassion, perfectionism, guilt, humiliation, embarrassment)

9. When searching for connection (can cause concerns about belonging, fitting in, connection, insecurity, invisibility, loneliness)

10 When the heart is open (can cause love, lovelessness, heart break, trust, betrayal, defensiveness, flooding, hurt)

11. When life is good (can cause joy, happiness, calm, contentment, gratitude, forbearing, joy, relief, tranquillity)

12. When you feel wronged (can cause anger, contempt, disgust, dehumanisation, hate, self-righteousness)

13. Self-assessment (can cause pride, hubris, humility)
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