Emotions And Feelings (Cont.1)


In change it is important to understand what is behind emotions and feelings as this will help you handle others and yourself.
"...to form meaningful connection with others, we must first connect with ourselves......if I don't know and understand who I am and what I need, want, and believe, I can't share myself with you. I need to be connected to myself, in my own body, and learn what makes me work. This is how I start to develop the grounded confidence I need to move through the world and cultivate meaningful connection with others..."

Brené Brown, 2021

"...in this light, we will know and bear witness to incredible sorrow and anguish, and we will experience breathless love and joy. There will be boring days and exciting moments, low-grade disappointment and seething anger, wonder and confusion. The wild and ever-changing nature of emotions and experiences leaves our hearts stretch-marked and strong, worn and willing..."
Brené Brown, 2021

"...Evolutionary theory suggests that we should embrace all our emotions, as each has an important role to play under the right circumstances..."
Joseph Forgas as quoted by 
Brené Brown, 2021

Emotions and experiences have been studied from the perspective of different disciplines like philosophy, sociology, psychology, physiology, neuroscience, medicine, mental health, etc, and topics like body language (including facial expression, tone of voice, etc), brain imaging, genetics, personality traits, cross-cultural analysis, etc.

However, it is hard to get a common definition of emotions; they can vary from individual-specific reactions to experience to description of intangible human feelings.

Need to make sure that you don't give in to your desire for neat, mutually-exclusive categories and oversimplification your thoughts and feelings.

With all emotions you need to understand, own and respect them, ie why are they showing up, and what there is to learn?

Need to understand the connection between feelings, thinking and behaviour.

"...In order to recognise, name, and make sense of our feelings and experiences, we need to:
1. understand how they show up in our bodies and why (biology)
2. get serious about our families' and communities' stated our beliefs around the connection between our feelings, thoughts, and behaviours (biography)
3. examine how behaviours happen, and
4. recognise the context of what we are feeling of thinking. What brought this on? (back story)..."

Brené Brown, 2021

These questions will help us make meaning of your lives
"...Every single day, our feelings and experiences show up in our bodies; they're shaped by where we come from and how we were raised, they drive how we show up, and each feeling has its own unique backstory. Understanding these emotions and experiences in our life's work. the more we learn, the deeper we can continue to explore..."
Brené Brown, 2021

"...everyone...... seemed so desperate to feel more connected to their own lives and to one another, but no one was looking in the right places. No one was thinking about how it all works together. Everyone seemed disembodied from other people. Too many lonely and secret lives..."
Brené Brown, 2021

The more you use, and abuse, activities like drinking alcohol, using drugs, eating the wrong foods, etc, to handle the challenges of life, the less likely you are to understand your feelings, thoughts and behaviours. These will only increase your vulnerability, pain, anxiety, suffering, exhaustion, etc


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