Ten Commandments Of Healthy Sleep

1. Fixed regular times for going to bed and for getting up

2. For daytime naps, don't allow more than 45 minutes of sleep time

3. Stop consuming alcoholic beverages 4 hours before bedtime and never smoke

4. No caffeine (like coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, etc) intake around 6 hours before bedtime

5. Four hours before bedtime avoid heavy, spicy, sugary foods (NB a slight snack before retiring is okay)

6. Exercise regularly, but not just before bedtime

7. Use comfortable bedding

8. Select a comfortable temperature setting for your bedroom and keep the room well ventilated

9. Block out all distracting noise and eliminate as much light as possible

10. Reserve your bed for sleep and sex; it is not an office, a work room, a movie theatre or TV viewing venue

(source: https://www.sleephealth.org/sleep-health/ten-commandments-of-healthy-sleep/ )


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