Some Simple Ways To Reduce Stress

- deep breathing (start by taking around 3 deep breaths every time you sit down at your desk and expand to around 30 minutes a day; this will help relax you to become more patient, calmer, creative, productive, etc; this practice has been part of yoga for centuries)

- meditating (start with body scanning, ie focusing your mind and energy on each section of your body from head to toe; it has been found to improve parts of the brain responsible for emotional regulation and learning; start with around a minute and build up)

- listening and question your thoughts (ask the question:

   Is your thought correct?

   It is a way of acknowledging and releasing, rather than ignoring or repressing negative and/or untruthful thoughts)

- purpose (putting purpose into everything you are doing, ie giving every activity your undivided attention so that you are in the moment and fully living that experience)

- initially do less (start small and build up with each of these ways mentioned above)

"...what you want is to develop a sustainable habit: a stress-free approach to reducing your stress..."

Greg McKeown, 2013


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