Technique 1.101 Practices For Connection


Ways to strengthen your ability to connect with the audience


1. How do you want the audience to think, feel and act as a result of your encounter with them?

(the intentional is about how you want to show up to create the best impression, greatest impact, etc)

2. How is the audience you are encountering feeling about the situation/project/proposal, etc?

3. How might your encounter be shaping the way they are making decisions?

4. Is there any area where you could be succumbing to confirmation bias?

5. What questions could you asked to explore further?

6. Are there any encounters where you might need to build in more time for meaningful conversations and discovery?

7. Are there any situations where you succumb to the 'trap of expertise' (staying familiar and comfortable within your own narrow area of expertise)?

8. Am you making time (and having the courage) to ask 'space in the middle' (informal) questions?

9. What are the 'silent messages' (including body language like facial expressions, eye contact, voice tones, etc) that you are sending people, especially when you are busy or feeling under pressure?


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