Intuition In Decision-Making

Furthermore, in decision-making, intuition is important as this is based on your experience!!!!

"...we make decisions based on who and where we are, and what the norms around suggest are the right and wrong ways of acting..."
Elisabeth Anderson as quoted by Yancey Strickler 2019

. In decision-making, rapid instinctive decision-making is not traditionally accepted as the best way to make decisions, ie

"...our present business culture believes quick decisions are bad decisions, and that the way to run a big company is to amass data, run the models, do the due diligence and knockout as many imponderables as possible. Instead we need to reaffirm the value of rapid judgments and recognize those styles of decision-making - one based on massing of overt, consciously gathered information and the other based on experience and unconscious thinking - are appropriate at different times..."

Malcolm Gladwell as quoted by Helen Trinca, 2007a


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