Decision-Making (What Is Right)

- need to start out with what is right rather than what is acceptable (let alone who is right) as one will always have to compromise in the end.

- furthermore, you need to know what is required to satisfy the specifications and the conditions. Unless this is done, it is hard to distinguish between the right compromise and a wrong one

- there are 2 types of compromises, ie

"...half of a loaf is better than no bread..."


"...half of a baby is worse than no baby at all..."

Peter Drucker, 2001

The purpose of bread is to provide food and half of the loaf is still food, while half a baby is not a living and growing child; it is one piece of a corpse!!!!!

Furthermore, it is a waste of time to worry about what is acceptable and trying to reduce resistance. Generally, the obstacles that are first thought to be insurmountable are not and others not considered can become insurmountable obstacles


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