Space In The Middle (Informal Conversations) As Part Of Leadership

To foster greater connection between people, you need to go beyond 'corridor conversation', or 'polite small talk', to find out what is actually driving the other person in their thinking and decision-making. This is where you understand the real challenges and unexplored opportunities. You need to ask bold

" questions about the goals, challenges, and wider contexts of the requires one to follow through on conversational cues..."

Rebecca Newton, 2019

This can involve being vulnerable and have courage to move outside your area of expertise and/or comfort zone. Need to realise that genuine interest wins out over posturing.This involves asking questions, ie the right questions in the right way at the right time. Some examples of questions that help increase understanding and build connection

"... -What are you most excited about right now?

    - What's your biggest concern?

    - What matters most to you at the moment?

    - If there was one thing you could change today, what would it be?

    - What is your gut instinct telling you about the situation?

    - How do you feel about what's happening?

    - What is the main thing stopping you from making progress?

    - What are the forces at play in this issue?..."

Rebecca Newton, 2019


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