Xxxxvi) Not Understanding Concept Of Paradoxical Change

ie like having a dual focus on continuity and change. This means you have a mindset of continuity and change (complementary), not continuity or change (choice), ie focus on 'and', not 'or'. Those stuck in the 'or' mindset get into futile arguments about the right and wrong of the differing perspectives.  Paradoxical change involves polarity thinking, ie

"...polarities are opposites that need each other over time to succeed..."

Jake Jacob, 2021)

Like breathing that requires inhaling and exhaling. Some examples include

- business unit's success vs the entire organisation's benefit

- centralising shared services for efficiencies vs decentralising them to get closer to the customer

- short-term profit and survival today vs long-term potential

- focus on operations vs customers

NB This is similar to cognitive dissonance, ie holding 2 contradictory ideas at the same time. This can be uncomfortable as we prefer to observe signs and actions that reinforce our existing beliefs. For example, forming an impression when you first meet somebody but being open for this first impression to be proved wrong later. Often your first impressions are proved wrong.


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