Organisational Change Management Volume 1

Framework 17 3 Ps and 11 Ss Sequence

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(with indicators, measurement objectives and timeframe)

organisational development change management


i. Part of this involves another 3 Ss (simplicity, self-confidence and speed)

ii. The sequence of the 3 Ps is important, ie purpose, followed by processes and then people

- purpose involves understanding key stakeholders (especially customers), understanding the organisational core values and ideology, and using this as the basis for developing statements (vision and mission), symbols (logos and brands), sustainability via identifying organisational drivers and turning core competencies into innovations, and strategies

- then look at the processes (systems and organisational structure - formal and informal) to achieve the purpose,

- having developed the purpose and processes, then select the people (identifying the organisational skills required, current staff expertise levels and leadership style) to handle the purpose and processes.

It appears that too often the people are looked at first, rather than identifying and developing the purpose and processes before looking at the people. This partly explains why there are "many square pegs trying to fit in round holes"!!!!

(source: Bill Synnot, 2000)


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