Some Research Findings on Organisational Change (Prosci)


Prosci initial focus was around project management. In 1998 Prosci started conducting regular surveys on organisational change. Its initial survey involved around 100 organisations and by 2019 it was surveying around 2,000 world-wide (32% from USA; 21% - Europe;  16% - Australia & NZ; 7% - Asia & Pacific) (Prosci 2020a). Some topics covered include aligning change management with other disciplines, biggest obstacles, communications, culture, engagement, global awareness, integrating change management and project management, job roles and locations, measurement and metrics, methodologies organisational change capabilities, readiness, reinforcement, management resourcing and budgeting, sponsorship, sustainability, team members' attitudes, trends, etc..

Some trends discovered from its surveys:

- greater understanding of the value of change management

- broader application of change management

- improved adoption of a standard model or approach

- lack of adequate dedicated resources

- increased focus on capability building across the organisations

- improved integration with project management

- increased leadership support

The greatest contributors to successful change:

- active and visible executive sponsorship

- structured change management approach

- frequent of communications

- employee engagement and participation

- dedicated change management resources

- integration and engagement with project management

- engagement with middle managers

Sponsorship's greatest challenges, ie sponsor

- left or is replaced during the project

- was at the wrong level to be effective

- lacked time and resources to be effective

- delegated their role and responsibilities

- did not support the change

- underestimated or misunderstood the importance of people

- unwilling to take on the role and activities required of them

Prosci, 2020a


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