Vertical Development

The primary conditions for vertical development are like primary colours, ie to create a new colour you can simply increase or decrease the amounts of each of the primary colours.

The 3 primary conditions are

i) heat experiences (complex situations disrupt and disorientate our routine ways of thinking so that making sense of the world is inadequate; start to search for new and better ways)

ii) colliding perspectives (engage with a diverse range of stakeholders to challenge existing mental models and increase the number of perspectives through which to see the world)

iii) elevated sensemaking (integrate and make sense of these different perspectives and experiences)





 (source: Nick Petrie, 2015)

NB Leaders need all 3 (heat experiences, colliding perspectives, elevated sensemaking) aligned to be effective.

For example if have heat experiences and elevated sensemaking but no colliding perspective, the following happens

"...The heat produces positive disequilibrium for the leader who starts to search for new answers. However, because the program fails to expose her to fresh perspectives, she falls back into status quo thinking and arrives at the same conclusions she always had. No development takes place..."

Nick Petrie, 2015






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