Brain Has Its Own Reality

The eyes are used by the brain like binoculars, ie you only see a small percentage of what is in front of you. Otherwise the brain would overload with too much information.

Illusionary bias, eg we regard paper money as of value. Yet its intrinsic value is the paper and ink only; we fool ourselves that it is of greater value!!!

The brain has its own reality; it can be like a fantasy world. Like people riding motorbikes, the incidence of accidents, injury, deaths, etc is much higher than for other forms of transportation. Yet motorbike riders don't expect these things to happen to them. Ideally if you were rational, you would not ride a motorbike as it is too risky. However, motorbike riders live in a fantasy world, ie all the potential things that can go wrong, happen to other bike riders, not them. This is linked with optimism bias, ie where we focus on the benefits and downplay the negatives. The brain resists negative information about itself.

With the brain, bad news results in less activity in the frontal lobe.

"...The brain is a storytelling mechanism..."

Morgan Freeman as quoted by SBS, 2020

NB If deprived of visual and auditory stimuli, the brain will use its other senses to create its reality


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