Understanding Your Prejudices

We need to understand our prejudices (re gender, race, skin-colour, size, ethnicity, religion, age, weight, family, etc) can work against change. Our prejudices result in stereotyping. To test your prejudices, go to implicit.harvard.edu and click on demonstration. The best indicator of the test's validity is likely to be its predictions of behaviour, eg a white preference could mean sub-optimal treatment of non-whites in workplace, etc. Most people are not keen to express their biases openly. It is claimed by

"...Most of today's racial discrimination stems not from attempts to harm anyone from selective helping. We're each part of several groups, defined by race, gender, religion, family, alma-mater and so on, and when we go out of our way to help a group member, we don't see that as a bad thing. We're being "good"people. But such selective privileging reinforces the status quo..."

MahzarinBanaji et al, 2013

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