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Stress is defined as
" all-purpose response the body has to any demands placed upon it..."
Hans Selye as quoted by Ben
Martynoga, 2016

Your biological responses to stress is
"...deep in the brain, they could see a structure called the hypothalamus fire up......the hypothalamus signals to the adrenal glands, which sits atop each kidney. The adrenals squirt a shot of adrenalin into the bloodstream. In the background, the hypothalamus prods the pituitary gland, which passes a different message onto the adrenal gland. This increases production of cortisol, the textbook 'stress hormone'. Flipping these biological switches results in the familiar body symptoms of stress: a pounding heart, raised blood pressure, dilated pupils, arrested digestion and a damped-down immune system..."
Ben Martynoga, 2016

Stress has positives: like it can motivate and inspire you to achieve more and to fix the sources of your stress. However, there is a clear tipping point beyond which stress becomes paralysing.

The positive stress can be described as 'eustress' and the negative stress as 'distress'.

Research has found

"... People who believe stress adversely affects their health are more than twice as likely to suffer a heart attack, irrespective of their stress levels..."
Whitehall 11 project as quoted by
Ben Martynoga, 2016

Conversely, positive thoughts and beliefs have the potential to handle stress, ie the human mind is a powerful gatekeeper to the stress response. Also, acts of kindness, like holding doors open for strangers, helping people across the road, etc can buffer the effects of stress and make you feel more optimistic.

"...Positive interactions deliver a reward at the neurological level. They restore a sense of control and show that meaningful relationships are possible. Moreover, helpers often get more psychological and health benefits than those on the receiving end of that help..."
Ben Martynoga, 2016

Stress is at its most negative when we can't see the end to it or how to fix it.

In fact, boredom can be stressful in its own way, eg observe a caged lion or an under-stimulated teenage. There is some thought that boredom may exist as a way to spur you back into some activity!!!

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