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Eating well and taking care of emotional well-being by having regular downtime are important in developing wellness.

"...getting more sleep improves your immune resistance, heightened creativity and even improves weight loss efforts. And going for a brisk 30 minute walk another smart way to stay healthy..."

Robert Booy as quoted by Helen Hawkes, 2016a

"...physical activities may help release bacteria out of your lungs and airways. Exercise also reduces immune-damaging stress, which can lead to...... chronic disease......Over analysing everything only exacerbates stress, so do your best to avoid it..."

Sheila Zhou as quoted by Helen Hawkes, 2016a

Even though an alkaline system is more resistant to illness, you still need a broad-based diet including grains, legumes, fresh vegetables, salads plus your choice of proteins to build immunity.

Other elements that are important for your immune system include

- zinc (found in seafood and  part of a good germ fighting strategy)

- vitamin C (especially if you feel a cold coming on)

- vitamin D ( especially if not getting enough sunshine)

- natural yoghurt (important for gut health and nutrient uptake)

- turmeric (helps keep bronchial passages healthy)

- some traditional medicines like Chinese medicine (reishi and shiitake mushrooms), elderflower with licorice root (help with block sinuses)

"...echinacea taken at the first sign of a cold may enhance the activity of white blood cells in fighting it off, or try Cooper's 'composition powder' for a sore throat or cough. Mix equal teaspoons of dried clove, cinnamon, cayene pepper and ginger, and a quarter or half of a teaspoon of weak tea..."

Helen Hawkes, 2016a


It is thought that carbohydrates have a positive impact on sleep and are suitable to include in your evening meal.

"...if you can't sleep, a natural supplement, such as valerian passionflower may help, as well as meditation or breathing exercise. Sleeping pills should be your last resort except in emergency because they can build dependence..."

Helen Hawkes, 2016a

"...scientific research is now proving: that a sense of control or empowerment achieved through mindset, self-care and a dedicated stress-reduction routine will not only improve your immunity but increase the length and quality of your life..."

Helen Hawkes, 2016a


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