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"...Humans are our context-seeking creatures..."

Christy Wampole, 2016

Some examples of different contexts can include

- family, tribes (bloodlines)

- home-town, region, state (nation) or country (the idiosyncrasies of these places are marked by one's character, behaviour and speech)

- gender

- ideologies

- shared cultural practices

- social hierarchies and order of things, etc

"...each collective, whether it  be a nation, ethnic group or tribe, adopts a distinct conception of its own roots that tends to ignore the most fundamental idea of human connectedness......tracing our lineage far back enough which shows that we all come from the same place..."

Christy Wampole, 2016

"...while patriotically nationalism is usually imagined as the polar opposite of diversity-focused multi-culturalism, the proponents of each have similar motivations and desires. Each group hopes to preserve or recuperate a sense of rootedness in something..."

Christy Wampole, 2016


"...throughout history, many philosophers......have believed that the land and climate of a particular region impart certain characteristics to its inhabitants, whose temperaments, language, and culture production are heavily influenced by the topographical, meteorological, and botanical features of a place..."

Christy Wampole, 2016


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