xiv) marketing to women (see gender differences elsewhere in the Knowledge Base)

It is different from marketing to males; it needs to be

"...Humble, honest, contextually-relevant communications and......advocacy from someone active within the target female network..."

Fi Bendall as quoted by Clare Stewart, 2016

Need to move away from the focus on generally stereotypical and demographics approach, ie where you live and what you earn. Social media has changed this, with communications within the female market being driven by trusted advocates, ie un-incentivised advocacy. A suitable advocate is information-hungry and interested in social causes.

"...they gain trust within the network not because of having a large social media following, but because they participate in conversations and events online as well as off-line: 67% of influence comes from off-line..."

Fi Bendall as quoted by Clare Stewart, 2016


"...we would have a different language, there is a different way of talking to them..."

Martine Jager as quoted by Clare Stewart, 2016

You need to see through female eyes.


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