Expanded Version on One Emotion (Aceida)

Aceida includes anxiety and depression. During the Covid-19 pandemic (starting 2020), the levels of anxiety and depression increased

"...striking similarities to acedia, an ancient illness that afflicts people - mainly monks..."

John Vallance as quoted by Jemima Whyte, 2016

Acedia is a state of listlessness or apathy or boredom or gloominess; not caring and is linked to laziness, sleepiness, undirected anxiety and lack of concentration and attention; with an overall dissatisfaction with life, ie not living in the present and seeing the future as overwhelming, especially if rewards are slow to appear. This can lead to suicide.

It is used to describe complex emotions flowing from enforced isolation, constant uncertainty and a focus on clinical terms like depression and anxiety. Its feelings are associated with physical isolation and the resultant increase in the feeling of the emotional isolation, ie this thing I feel is mine alone.


"...is connected to hopelessness and vague unease that arises from having too many choices, lacking true commitments..."

Kathleen Norris as quoted by Wikipedia, 2021a

The pandemic (starting in 2020) has increased the prevalence of acedia, ie

"...social distancing limits physical contact. Lockdown constricts physical space and movement. Working from home or having lost work entirely both upended routines and habits..."

Jonathan Zicher, 2020

Some ways to handle acedia include

- regular contact (best face-to-face) with other people, especially friends and colleagues. Human beings are social animals and dislike solitude and silence.

- try a different way of doing things

- work on activities, etc that you are passionate about

- take regular breaks

- keep doing beneficial routines and habits

NB Acedia is a temptation that can be resisted while depression is an illness that needs treatment.



 (source: https://theconversation.com/acedia-the-lost-name-for-the-emotion-were-all-feeling-right-now-144058)


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