Some Types of emotions (E to H)

NB Please modify as you see fit as the list is incomplete. Many of the emotions described below have evolved over time; with some meaning changing significantly. The table focuses on the current situation:

Alphabet Name (source*i) Definition (including links) Impacts & Examples*ii
E Ecstasy



paralyses us with quivering pleasure; it starts in our throat, reducing sentences to strangulated cries; experiencing a rise of boundlessness; feels as if the world is billowed open and we are momentarily set free; linked with harmony, joy defunct brain wiring like kalopsia (a feeling that everything is intensely beautiful and radiant)



some signs include stammering, staring at the ground, blushing, etc; feeling constrained, even crippled, following some breach of etiquette, ie emphasising a minor or fleeting transgression before an audience; resulting in social humiliation; getting flustered shows that we have realised that social norm has been transgressed; can inhibit generosity and cooperation; create moments of confusion; linked with shame, shyness, etc connection between embarrassment and maintaining social equilibrium; an instrument of conformity and against rule breaking, ie keeps us within the margins of social respectability; too much choice



feeling of emotional resonance between people, ie able to respond in a way that brings the other person closer; you are primed to feel what others are feeling; stresses our interconnectedness; linked with sympathy, etc Important in areas where people have a lot of contact with other people






it is a kind of anger, provoked by another person possessing and enjoying something desirable; it is destructive, ie 'if you cannot have it, no on else can'; it is linked to unfairness, jealousy, hatred, maliciousness, etc it is a greedy desire for material possessions and/or advantages over others; it covers inequalities and disparities like uneven distribution of wealth, food, etc
  Euphoria it is intoxicating, infectious; it is linked with excitement, booms and busts, contentment, well-being, cheerfulness, serenity, happiness, etc having a false sense of positivity; not seeing reality
  Excitement a burst of energy; the feeling of being hyped up, pumped and alert; involves adrenaline (kickstart hormone) which prepares us for fight or flight; pleasure of 'high spirit'; shown by bright eyes, rapid circulation and whirlwind ideas; linked with joy, fear, etc our emotions have chemical responses; an adrenaline junkie






Fago (Pacific) blurs compassion, sadness and love together; it's pity felt for someone in need, which compels us to care for them as the future is unknown encourages non-aggression with a combination of sorrow and compassion; encourages the caring for others



instinctive reaction to preserve the life of the species; there are a range of activities that can cause fear like worry, dread, anxiety, terror, etc; biological responses to fear include eyes widen, hearing sharpens, the heart beats rapidly, breathing becomes shallow or held; the body grabs control and puts you on auto-pilot; linked with excitement, anger, hopefulness, participation, embarrassment, panic, paranoia, etc reaction is flight, fight or freeze to a threat; fear can save us from mortal danger; it derails rational thought, flaming latent anxieties, hobbling purposeful action; fear aversion focus like security cameras in public places; 'fear entrepreneurs' who exaggerate threats
  Feeling good (about yourself)



a question of reconciling yourself to your own inadequacies; accepting yourself as you are; a careful calibration - a question of checks and balances aimed at ensuring one's aspirations and achievements are compatible; can be a fluctuating emotion rather than an accomplishment in its own right; linked with self-esteem, contentment, humility, confidence, etc no pretensions like achievements are based on actually what you are capable of doing; allows you to behave in a more socially responsible way



  Fraud (feeling like one)



linked with 'imposter phenomena', ie convinced that you have not earned your success; you are outside your comfort zone; a sense that your hard-won gains are fragile and could disappear; need to learn to anticipate and tolerated it fake it until you make it; achievement is thought to be the result of an accident, luck or an oversight; most notable amongst first-generation professionals and those embarking on a career change






cosy feeling like being with friends in a safe place; feeling comfortable; linked with congeniality, companionship, etc physical safety and emotional comfort derived from being with close friends


unexpected good news that brightens up your day; linked with joy, pleasure, empathy, etc when good things happen to friends; moments when mild worries cease or niggling tasks are completed


a malevolent thrill, ie a celebration of one's own good fortune at another's expense; usually accompanied by hand rubbing; linked with anticipation, excitement, etc celebrating somebody else's misfortune





a sense of wonder, thankfulness and appreciation; maximising good feelings for the grateful individual; counting one's blessings, ie happy with what you already have; want to recompensate, remunerate and to return good for good received; can short-circuit those feelings of inadequacy and desires which drive consumerism; is linked with happiness, generosity, etc keeping a gratitude journal (write-down on a daily basis things you feel fortunate about); helps us extract enjoyment; counters 'hedonic adaptation' (the all-too-familiar experience of taking things for granted and not appreciating them)



the confusion and pain of it is very personal and disorientating; go through the 9 stages of grief cycle (shock or denial or disbelief, anger, bargaining, anxiety, sadness, disorientation, depression, acceptance & action); the loss of something or someone important to you; different cultures handle it differently
  Guilt a matter of responsibility for your actions and/or words; 'guilt complex' (a combination of self accusation and repentance); need to be careful of ego; it can appear in a range of situations like being the sole survivor of the car crash, receiving an award that an equally talented colleague did not, children who imagine themselves responsible for their parents' divorce, etc; linked with self-punishment, blame, depression, anxiety, remorse, etc draw a responsibility pie chart to demonstrate your responsibility; need to answer questions like whose fault was it, ie theirs or yours?; can have negative impact on productivity and personal fulfilment






Han (Korean)



collective acceptance of suffering combined with a quiet yearning for things to be different; means both sadness and hope at the same time; shared suffering; constant feeling of being less than whole loss of identity; complex set of emotions that result from dramatic loss of collective identity; for example, Korean families separated as a result of Korean War



involves a generalised positive feeling; connected with good fortune; a cheerful disposition results in your living longer and being more successful; has a cultural context, ie there are many shades and contradictions; linked with satisfaction, serenity, well-being, pleasure, contentment, etc countries, regions and organisations measure and compare happiness; happiness can improve performance






prejudiced inflammatory attitude usually towards groups of people who are different; creates an attitude of superiority; fueled by intolerance, prejudice, arrogance, ignorance; state of mind - part emotion and part attitude; linked with prejudice, bias, intolerance, anti-social, jealousy, contempt, smugness, etc hate crimes on marginalised groups, their homes and places of worship; desire to humiliate victims



  Hiraeth (Welsh)



deep connection to one's homeland; a combination of love for a homeland, sense of vulnerability about the possible permanent loss; linked with homefulness, homesickness, etc migrants leaving their homeland permanently
  Hoard (urged to)



gathering treasures can boost sense of self; in an unpredictable world can create a feeling of permanence, even achievement and communicating who we want to be; display and trinkets of past achievements, ie to retrieve the irretrievable; linked with jealousy, possessiveness, curiosity, nostalgia status quo thinking; desire to hold on to things at all costs can be linked to past experiences; real emotional resonance for the collector
  Homefulness combination of relief, belonging and satisfaction of the journey's end; home is more about the people then the place; link with homesick, wanderlust, etc emotional surges and relief at the end of a journey when arriving home;



being away from home and not actively enjoying the experience, ie feel like a permanent outsider; symptoms can include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, night terrors, dejection, concentration lapses, stagnation; linked with the nostalgia, loneliness, estrangement, homefulness, etc living and/or working away from home like military serving overseas, ie pining for home; camaraderie is a treatment; use of social media like Skype and Facebook to keep in contact with home; substitute homefulness with things such as familiar food, distinctive taste or smell



stay positive; be optimistic; hope is a leap into the unknown; a link between a positive attitude about the future and improvement to well-being; linked with optimism; hope can be destructive and constructive - can make you vulnerable and strengthen you simultaneously benefit finding, ie looking at the brighter side; hope can raise artificial expectations; use optimism as a cognitive stance, ie a habit of mind



to be swept up in a windy swell of petulance as a result of a real or imaginary outcome; linked with pride, anger, melancholy, etc people are upset and show it, ie walk away



generally humiliation is public and most times unwelcome, sometimes punishing; a sense of being trapped in a diminished position;  linked with humbleness, embarrassment, claustrophobia, degradation, resentment, etc sometimes called the nuclear bomb of emotions as it can fuel desire for revenge at all costs; of course, humiliation can make you modest and respectful
  Humility to recognise how our happiness and achievements can be the result of outside our immediate control; recognise that good things in our lives are not always all of your own making and can depend on others; linked with gratitude, etc give credit where credit is due; need to be careful of the false modesty of a celebrity
  Hunger (overeating)



your emotions can lead us to overeat, ie that can accumulated through a desire to defend oneself against others' demands food is a way of bolstering ourselves against an incoming stress or Compensating for feeling overlooked or abandoned; sharing food is a way of bonding
  Hwyl (Welsh) exuberance or excitement than is used to describe flashes of inspiration; can be used for saying goodbye 'eureka moment' when you discover something new and exciting
    (sources: Tiffany Watt Smith, 2015 & Wikipedia)  


i) mentioned source(s) if non-English-speaking countries

ii) suggest that you complete this column with your own examples


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